RV Distributor

Mechanical distributor RV 10  flexible accessory unit for concrete placing

Mechanical distributors are particularly suitable for concrete placing where direct distribution with truck-mounted concrete pumps or stationary concrete booms come up against technical and economic limitations, i.e.

  • In the case of large surfaces and floors which cannot be reached with truck-mounted concrete pumps or which cannot be completely concreted

  • In the case of floors and columns where the use of distributor booms causes too much time and energy

  • In the case of projects such as the production of pre-cast units in a specially requested design. Areas of up to 320m can easily be concreted with the RV 10 from a fixed place. The heavy work with delivery lines spread over the floors can thus be avoided.
By repositioning the unit with the help of a building crane any number of surfaces can be concreted whereby only the delivery line or delivery hose needs to be extended or shortened. The delivery lines are connected with SK couplings on site.

In transport position the dimensions of the distributors unit are such that a simple and place-saving transport to and from the various sites by lorry is possible.


Mechanical distributors lend themselves perfectly where placement using truck mounted pumps and stationary placement booms reach their technical and cost-efficient limits; i.e.

  • In large areas and floors which are either out of reach or only partly within the placement reach of truckmounted pumps
  • For floors and pillars where the use of a placement boom would be too complicated
  • In projects, e.g. manufacture of prefab units
The mechanical distributor RV 10 is ideal for use on large areas and floors. Areas of up to 320 m2 respectively can be concreted from one fixed location thus dispensing with difficult installation conditions caused by loose delivery lines lying about on the floor.

The light-weight and flexible RV 10 is suited to smaller construction sites.

By relocating the distributor with a construction crane, practically any size area can be concreted by simply extending or shortening the delivery line or delivery hose.

The delivery lines are connected to one another using rapid-release couplings, ideal for use on site.

The size of the mechanical distributor when ready for transport does not take up much space, so it can be easily carried by truck or trailer to different construction sites.

  Useful Accessories

  Weights RV10

  Weight excluding ballast 1620 kg

  Hose caddy

  Hose caddy for RV 10 Part no. 482464


  Screw-on Feet

Screw-on feet can be used to increase the height of the RV 10 by 0.5 m. 1 set (4 pieces) Part no. 441194


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